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Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer 'Modonut ?' (Kif Recordings) / KIFHH132CD

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Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer 'Modonut ?' (Kif Recordings) / KIFHH132CD


A1. This Is Mister Modo / What Do You Say
A2. Not Afraid (7" Version)
A3. Danger Modo
A4. Still Burning
A5. Meanwhile
A6. Cant Wait
A7. Drum Roll / I Am The Record
A8. Mister Dynamite
A9. Truth And Power
A10. Springtime For The Soul
A11. Funky Piano
A12. Dirty Fingers
A13. Choral Flute
A14. False Alarm
A15. Not Afraid Part.2
A16. Dernier Verre
A17. Cigarillo
A18. Can You Dig I
A19. Rockin
A20. Come On / A Black Thing
A21. No Need For Violence / Phone Call / Friday Deal
A22. Devil Smile
A23. Do Nut
A24. Look At The Sun / Midnite
A25. Funkysex / Brother Luv
A26. Winchester
A27. Polaris
A28. Organ Donut
A29. Into The Breaks
A30. F*** You Withey


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