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Harley & Muscle 'Deep House Part.5' (Soulstar) / CLS0002982

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Harley & Muscle 'Deep House Part.5' (Soulstar) / CLS0002982


A1. A1 - Linus Quick feat. Mike Jones "Chillaxing" (Sven Weisemann's Relaxing Dub mix)
A2. A2 - Harley&Muscle feat. Marshall Jefferson "We Groove U" (Alessandro Crimi Deep remix)
A3. A3 - Above Smoke "Burning"
A4. A4 - Deymare "You Can't Be"
A5. A5 - P.Laoss "Clap Your Hands"
A6. A6 - Brame "Soul City"
A7. A7 - Librah "My Love Is 4ever"
A8. A8 - Alex Agore "In My Soul"
A9. A9 - Andy Ash "White Leaf" (Moody Manc remix)
A10. A10 - Hugo W&P HGG Giner "Drum Factor"
A11. A11 - P. Laoss "Profound Impressions"
A12. A12 - Zoo Look "The Sound of Someone"
A13. A13 - Paskal & Urban Absolutes "Bilk" (Henry L & Ingo Sänger remix)
B1. B1 - Kez YM "Pebbles"
B2. B2 - Deymare "Forgotten"
B3. B3 - Zoo Look feat. Amy Lyon "Over Me"
B4. B4 - Brame "Set You Free"
B6. B6 - Librah "My Love Is 4ever" (Bonus Mix Digital version)
B7. B7 - Zoo Look feat. Amy Lyon "Over Me" (Detroit Swindle rework)
B8. B8 - Hugo W&P HGG Giner "Organic Dreams"
B9. B9 - P. Laoss "A Little Something"
B10. B10 - Duff Disco "Come Home"
B11. B11 - Jersey Real Estate feat. Jovonn "What is House" (Dubbyman remix)
B12. B12 - Deymare "A Night Out with the Mates"
B13. B13 - P. Laoss "Let Us Jam"


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