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Bot' Ox 'Basement Love' (Im A Cliche) / CLICHE042

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Bot’Ox present “Basement Love”, the first part of their second album “Sans Dormir”. Two years after their previous LP “Babylon by Car”, Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz decided to unveil this new project through six different moments - call them EPs -like six volumes forming a single story, each one being released every two months. The slow title-song “Basement Love” is released as a way of introduction, along three dancefloor remixes that lift this “basement” up in the air.

Bot' Ox 'Basement Love' (Im A Cliche) / CLICHE042


A1. A1 - Basement Love
A2. A2 - Basement Love - Pachanga Boys Point Of View
B1. B1 - Basement Love - Cosmo Vitelli remix
B2. B2 - Basement Love - Richard Fearless mix


A1. Basement Love A spectral voice, some deep bass sounds and resonating drums... This basement could feel oppressive. Instead, it is warm and filled with feelings and loving matters. The vocals are sung by the Foremost Poets aka jOHNNYDANGEROUs who was already featured in Bot’Ox’s “Perfect Pair” EP in 2011. The American DJ and performer is renowned for some underground classics like “Beat that Bitch with a Bat” or “Moonraker”. A2. Basement Love (Pachanga Boys Point of View) Rebolledo and Superpitcher, the two guys from the so-called “hippie dance” act Pachanga Boys, turn the pop song into a 12-minutes-long techno trip. Their faithful use of the original’s parts dramatize the whole as if to bring the song to another level. B1. Basement Love (Cosmo Vitelli remix) Half of Bot’Ox and I’m a Cliché label’s head Cosmo Vitelli gives his personal take on Basement Love. The DJ legitimately aims at rocking the crowd, through characteristic twirling basslines and twisted stacked layers. B2. Basement Love (Richard Fearless mix) Richard Fearless, the man behind UK band Death in Vegas makes a paranoid dance track where sirens, storms and inside demons ally. Dark hallucinations come as no surprise from a man whose music has always been psychedelic in various ways.

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